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Our Mission

At Star Surrogacy, we are committed to making intended parents and surrogates the stars of every surrogacy journey. Our expert knowledge of surrogacy programs and policies, proven success, and personalized services truly set us apart as an elite surrogacy agency. Our ultimate goal is to provide intended parents and surrogates with a team that can guide and assist them through every stage of their surrogacy journey. We believe children are life’s greatest joy and we are honored to have helped many families achieve their goal of a successful surrogacy.

What Makes Us Different


Our Star Surrogacy team shares over a decade of combined experience in successful reproduction and fertility consultation. Our programs are specifically geared to help intended parents connect with the best surrogates and achieve their family goals.


We provide world class support around the clock during your surrogacy journey, with extended office hours made available to better fit your specific schedule and lifestyle. We pride ourselves in provide the highest quality surrogacy support services to families.


Our agency believes in the power of education to help make the surrogacy process less overwhelming. We happily share our knowledge of surrogacy with each of our clients in order to foster an environment of transparency, support, and insight along their journey.


Our network of amazing surrogates are thoroughly screened and selflessly committed to the health and well-being of your child. We make matching with surrogates simple, which allows you to develop an authentic relationship with them that will result in successful pregnancy.


Our team of experts prioritize the efficiency and professionalism of all surrogacy processes. The star treatment you receive at your initial consultation is the same you will receive throughout your surrogacy journey is complete. Our greatest joy is to help parents achieve their goal of having a family.


We work alongside the most professional, highly-rated Fertility Clinics to ensure our clients receive the star treatment they deserve. We are also connected with reputable attorneys, who are experts in the surrogacy field, and can guide you in the legal formalities of surrogacy.


At Star Surrogacy, one of our main concerns is finding quality matches for both Intended Parents and Surrogates. Over a decade of combined experience, world class support, and fast matching times have enabled our team to help many clients achieve their goal of parenthood. Our clients are thrilled to recommend us to other families who they know deserve the star treatment. If you are new to surrogacy, or have had a poor experience with another agency, please reach out to us. We would love to make you the star of your surrogacy journey!

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