Compensation & Benefits

Surrogate Compensation

Being a surrogate mother is one of the most unique gifts in the world. You get to help a family’s dream become reality, while also helping your own family. At Star Surrogacy we are so proud and honored to work along side the most spectacular surrogate mothers. While each surrogacy journey is unique, our base compensation starts at $35,000, but you can make over $40,000 as a first time surrogate through additional payments, such as:

  • Payments before you are pregnant. You will be compensated early in your journey for completing tasks and milestones. These payments are in addition to your base compensation.
  • Payments during and after pregnancy. Surrogate mothers also receive financial support for necessities during the pregnancy, such as maternity clothing, housekeeping, for pumping and shipping breast milk and more.
  • Additional benefits. Surrogates will also receive benefits that while are not in the form of monetary payments, are priceless in ensuring you’re protected and you have a smooth journey. These benefits include: social work support, legal counsel, life insurance and more.

Benefits To Surrogacy

Our surrogates are not expected to be responsible for expenses while taking on the important responsibility of pregnancy. We require all intended parents to fund a third party escrow account to provide proof that funds are available to you throughout your journey. Listed below are some the benefits surrogates can receive from this financial support.




The most common myth about surrogacy compensation is that a woman can make as much as $100,000. In reality, surrogates are not paid such high amounts, and claims to the contrary are largely fabricated. If a surrogate were ever to be compensated with such a large sum, it would be due to an extremely rare and particular case.

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